Explore how a jurisdiction will react to your case

It’s no secret that some venues are better for plaintiffs while others are more favorable for defendants. If you find yourself trying a case in an unfamiliar venue, JuryMapping has the tools to help you understand the demographics, attitudes and culture of a jury pool.


If you want to learn about your case venue, our venue analysis report is the place to start. We have compiled data from a range of sources including the US census and consumer files so that you can see the factors that drive venue favorability at the touch of a button.


  • Socioeconomic status
  • Ethnic makeup
  • Political affiliation
  • Election results and turnout
  • Fiscal ideology
  • Social ideology
  • Disaffected vs. engaged communities


Curious how this venue compares to ones you know well? With our tool, you can pick two jurisdictions and note that similarities and differences that will affect how favorable the jury pool might be to your case.

Want to go beyond demographics?

Highlight risks and inform settlement decisions with venue surveys

If you want to learn even more about how potential jurors in your venue will react to your case, you may be interested in our Venue Surveys. Surveys are an affordable yet powerful tool to obtain direct feedback on the core issues of your case from hundreds of real people in your venue.

While focus groups allow for in-depth discussions and questioning, the sample size is too small to draw statistically relevant conclusions about the broader venue. With a large enough sample size, we can segment our respondents and build accurate profiles to rank which jurors will be most and least favorable to your case.

Our clients use our surveys to learn about a range of issues including:

  • Proclivity toward high or low damages
  • Attitudes toward one of the parties in the case (such as a major employer in the jurisdiction)
  • Identification of the most important issues and arguments in the case