Predictive modeling

Walk in with the ability to predict juror bias 

Assessing potential bias within your jury pool can be a daunting task. Our predictive modeling tool enables you to quickly identify the most dangerous jurors by assigning risk scores based on answers to specific questions.


Step 1

Add each juror’s name

Step 2

Enter responses to get an instant score

Step 3

Score multiple jurors and compare


Predictive modeling can enhance your jury selection by using analytics to quantify your intuition and experience. Using this approach, you can confirm which voir dire questions actually predict juror behavior, and accurately weigh many more factors for each juror than you could on your own.

First, we present a summary of your case to 500 individuals in your trial jurisdiction and find out which voir dire questions and juror demographics / backgrounds predict bias against your client. We then use powerful and proven machine learning techniques to build a model that considers each juror response and dozens of other data points to predict a risk score for each juror.

Finally, we load all this data into a simple app you can use from your laptop or tablet. You simply enter a juror’s responses to the voir dire questions you have chosen to see a prediction of how likely that juror is to be biased against your case.

Your expertise. Our analytics. A powerful combination.

Our Process

1. Survey

Survey hundreds of jury-eligible individuals in your trial venue

2. Gather Data

Analyze the responses to identify the most effective voir dire questions

3. Analyze

Develop statistical models to predict the risk a juror will have bias against your case

4. Develop

Rank jurors instantly based on their answers to voir dire questions

Set up a demo and allow us to show you how to leverage the latest statistical tools for a more effective voir dire.