An overview of the process/ How it works


Client and JuryMapping work together to pick which voir dire questions to test and craft a short summary of the client’s case for survey respondents.


JuryMapping then conducts a survey of hundreds of potential jurors in the jurisdiction of the case. Depending on the goal of the survey, it will contain some or all of the following elements:
  • A summary of the case
  • Demographic questions
  • Potential voir dire questions
  • Reaction questions (how a respondent assigns liability, damages, etc.)
The key to our surveys is the large volume of respondents. While a focus group can provide valuable insight into how one group of jurors may react to your case, there are far too few “data points” to say with any certainty how a new group of individuals may draw relevant conclusions.


JuryMapping uses software to find the correlations between things you will know about jurors, such as demographics and voir dire questions, with things you want to know about jurors, such as how they will react to your case. To do so, we use our proprietary analytics platform to evaluate different voir dire questions and build and test predictive algorithms. These algorithms are tested by how well they predict the survey responses for a group of respondents it has never seen before.


All of the surveying and analytical work happens behind the scenes. Once JuryMapping loads your custom model into our Jury Rank app, simply enter a juror’s responses into your phone, tablet or laptop, and you will instantly be presented with an objective “risk” score” that indicates how likely a juror is to hold unfavorable views about your case.

Final note

Of course, there is no way to predict with certainty how a juror will feel about your case in advance. But, there are certain attitudes, beliefs and experiences that correlate strongly with favorable and unfavorable jurors. There exists a range of statistical approaches that have been developed to find these correlations in law, as well as in politics.  and marketing and many other industries nearly every current industry today.. Click here to set up a demo and allow us to show you how to leverage the latest statistical tools for a more effective voir dire.