About Us

Data scientists dedicated to helping you select the best jury possible

JuryMapping set out to build a simple and efficient platform to make voir dire easier and more effective by leveraging our parent company L2 Political’s unique and powerful dataset as well as advances in analytical techniques.


Tucker Willsie

Tucker has a keen interest in data science, which he put to use for a wide range of clients in the political, commercial and non-profit sectors before cofounding JuryMapping. He is well-versed in a number of powerful data science technologies, and is focused on turning information into insight to drive effective decision-making for his clients. His goal with JuryMapping is to bring to trial attorneys the tools that have already transformed politics, consumer products, and numerous other industries. Tucker graduated from Princeton University in 2011 with a B.A. in Public Policy.

Jason Powers

Jason is a campaign manager with tactical, analytical and marketing skills developed over the years in a variety of political and private sector endeavors.  He has been involved in several successful start-ups  now as a partner and co-founder of JuryMapping. He brings extensive campaign experience in survey design and analysis, database marketing, mining and analytics with a variety of private and public data sources. Jason is a graduate from the University at Albany with a degree in Political Science as well as an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


The JuryMapping team comes from the campaign world. In that industry, the most effective political campaigns recognize that individuals’ backgrounds, beliefs and experiences shape how receptive they will be to different arguments and candidates. In order to put the right messaging in front of the right voters, they have developed powerful statistical tools for identifying the likely biases of each voter based on that voter’s background & demographics.

At JuryMapping, we see many similarities between jury trials and elections. First, the people deciding the outcomes are the same. Second, the job of the opposing sides is to craft the most compelling arguments for their audience. In both cases it is therefore a major advantage to be able to accurately identify the personalities and biases of the audience.

Given these similarities, we built a product to let attorneys take advantage of the scientific approach that has become central to modern political campaigns to make voir dire both easier and more effective. 


1975 – L2 founded as Labels & Lists, Inc.

Over forty years ago in the state of Washington, at a time when few saw the need for more sophisticated campaign tools, a community activist had an idea. Lourene Criddle, a volunteer for numerous candidate and issue campaigns in California and Washington, sensed the wave of changes that were about to break over the political landscape, and Labels & Lists, Inc. was born.

2011 – L2 is national leader in voter data

By 2011, Labels & Lists, Inc., now “L2, Inc.” had completed its national expansion and become the nation’s leading independent voter data and technology firm, serving thousands of political campaigns and consultants from the local to the national level. L2 provides data and technology to the leading broadcast and cable television companies in the U.S., the most prominent universities and news outlets as well as over 200 members of Congress. It is the non-partisan data and technology source of choice for much of the political industry.

2014 – L2 expands beyond politics

By 2014, L2 had expanded beyond its leading role in politics and had begun to extend its data expertise into commercial marketplaces. L2 now maintains its own highly-enhanced national commercial file containing over 240,000,000 records for individuals across the U.S. In addition, it houses over one billion regularly updated email address records, a national auto ownership file and the largest and most highly-curated file of telephone numbers in the country. With new divisions now offering a full email deployment service and peer-to-peer texting along with digital ad targeting for commercial purposes, L2 has become a player in the national commercial data marketplace as well.

2015 – JuryMapping founded

L2 founds JuryMapping in conjunction with Jason Powers, a veteran political campaigner, in order to bring the powerful analytical techniques and robust datasets from the political and commercial space to trial attorneys. Initially, JuryMapping focused on providing venue surveys and predictive modeling of juror bias to help clients prepare for voir dire.

2017 – JuryMapping launches self-service online platform

Responding to the needs of trial attorneys who had only minutes from when they learned the identities of potential jurors to research them, JuryMapping launched our self-service Jury Profile tool. By focusing on gathering data quickly and presenting it in an easily digestible format, JuryMapping makes meaningful juror research a viable option for any case.